Windows 11 is out, but not everyone will get it

Windows 11 is out, but not everyone will get it

Microsoft users can already purchase the new Windows 11 operating system from October 4 – a day ahead of schedule. Owners of devices with Windows 10 initially installed on them can update their computer for free, the rest will have to wait. The main differences of the new operating system are higher security, new design and higher declared efficiency.

You can install it on devices that meet the minimum system requirements. You can check if your computer is suitable for updating the OS using the PC Health Check application – Microsoft offers to download it additionally.

The minimum system requirements for Win11 are as follows. Processor: 1 GHz dual-core compatible chip; RAM: 4 GB; built-in memory: 64 GB; the video card must support DirectX 12; the display must have a resolution of at least 720p; TPM 2.0 must be enabled, as well as Secure Boot and UEFI.

If your PC doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, Windows 11 can be installed on it via an ISO image. Microsoft has decided not to interfere with this, but complete compatibility and reliable operation “does not guarantee” with this installation.

You can also manually update the OS using the “Installation Assistant” or create an installation flash drive.

On the DTF and forums, as well as on Twitter, some users of the tenth “Windows” complain about the difficulties with updating and the non-compliance of very modern computers with the Win11 requirements.

Windows 11 was unveiled in July when it was announced that the new operating system would be the “most secure” version of Windows. The creators of the OS promised faster performance, a 40% reduction in the size of updates, and increased efficiency.

In addition, Windows 11 differs from its predecessors in a new interface design. The system is also optimized for touch panels and voice command input.

“Windows 11 better prioritizes applications and processes, loads applications faster, even with high CPU utilization. It uses an improved algorithm for prioritizing application tasks and processes that the user uses in the foreground. They get more computing resources, ”the Habr portal reported in early September.

In addition, the 11th “Windows” can wake up from sleep mode 25% faster and start the desktop 30% faster. The company called the level of backward compatibility with Windows 10 “very high”. Microsoft is also offering users App Assure to address potential compatibility issues.

The Microsoft Store has also been updated to support x86 applications, and support for Android applications is also provided (this, apparently, will make it possible to do without emulators). In addition, the Epic Games Store will appear in the Store at the start, as well as Opera, Discord, LibreOffice and other applications. Windows 11 is also trained to operate in AutoHDR mode, which enables HDR in video games. There is also DirectStorage technology – it allows you to speed up games by loading data into the memory of the video card. The system also integrates the Xbox app with support for Game Pass subscription and Cloud Gaming streaming service.

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