• May 22, 2022

Widowhood: what if moving made you feel better?

Following the death of your spouse or partner, you put several aspects of your life into perspective. Like many women over 60 who are widowed, you may be considering leaving your home to move into a collective living space. Through the testimonies of Madeleine, Roselyne and Renée, three widows, we evoke the daily life in senior residence.

Live well surrounded, in complete independence

In the context of widowhood, several elements lead to consider a move. The house and the garden become difficult to maintain, remind you of the lost being at every moment, the expenses seem too important to you, but above all, loneliness weighs on you. Despite this, you are independent and hardly project yourself within a retirement home.

The senior residences are of interest to respect your independence you have in your home as you see fit. However, you are not alone there on a daily basis. Indeed, a team of professionals is present at all times and the common areas of the residence are conducive to exchanges between neighbors. Roselyne explains: “I chose this type of place to live for the moral comfort I needed. What I like is that I feel independent while having attentive ears if I have the slightest concern ”.

Move closer to loved ones

Very often, setting up in senior residences makes it possible to get closer geographically to certain relatives or to certain friends. Indeed, there are many residences, located throughout France. You will most likely be able to find one located not far from your children, your brother or your sister, your best friend … No doubt that this newfound proximity will warm your heart.

It should be noted that people living in senior residences have the possibility of receiving their relatives when they wish. Whether it is a brief visit, a meal or a few days, relatives of residents are welcome. Renée testifies: “I lived far from my son’s house and everyday life was not always easy. We were both won over by the residence. I can receive guests there as I wish. My son and my grandson therefore regularly come to have lunch with me on Sundays and we have a good time together ”.

A friendly environment, in order to live better with widowhood

In addition to the common areas that offer the opportunity to meet neighbors, senior residences organize many activities. Ideal for distraction, the events also allow residents to bond. And it is not uncommon for these shared moments to give birth to beautiful friendships!

Madeleine says: “Everyone is really nice and I am well surrounded! I have Scrabble partners, I take part in the activities, I discover the region… And the organized evenings do us a lot of good! “.

Nothing like a warm atmosphere to better tolerate widowhood, then, regain a taste for life.

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