• May 22, 2022
Why choose the electric shell chair?

Why choose the electric shell chair?

The loss of autonomy should not prevent people from living as normally as possible. For this, the person with reduced mobility can use materials and tools such as the electric shell chair.

An armchair for more autonomy

In order to help people with reduced mobility, several solutions are proposed so that the loss of autonomy is not an obstacle to their daily well-being. Among these solutions, there is the electric shell chair , a piece of equipment allowing those who use it to have more mobility. Whether the latter is alone or accompanied by a caregiver, this chair provides more comfort thanks to the adjustable tilt. The hands-free kit and the control provide more autonomy to activate the chair’s functions, even without assistance.

Easy to use

This electric shell chair incorporates functions to improve comfort. The electric autonomy function adjusts the inclination of the backrest. The programmed Relaxation function activates gentle oscillations while changing the tilt of the chair to relieve tension caused by prolonged compressions. As for the Massage function, it vibrates the lumbar cushion for five minutes. To facilitate the transfer, the lift assist function can be activated to tilt the chair forward and raise the leg rest. These functions are accessible by simply pressing the buttons on the remote control.

Other solutions for people with reduced mobility

This electric shell chair helps people with reduced mobility to have more autonomy. But this is only part of the existing solutions to help them. Many other tools and materials can still be purchased or rented. In addition, services such as home improvement, home needs assessment and personal assistance services are all part of these other solutions. Thus, disability, old age, pregnancy, etc… should no longer become an obstacle to continuing to live in better health, with more comfort and freedom.

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