• May 22, 2022

Splashbacks and kitchen fronts: how to create the ideal kitchen?

The kitchen is the main room in the house, and since we spend a lot of time there, we all dream of a kitchen that is functional, ergonomic and beautiful. To renovate or furnish your kitchen, we are increasingly turning to splashbacks and kitchen facades which elegantly dress the walls and furniture.

The days when kitchen designs were mundane and impersonal are long gone. Today’s kitchens have style and character, and the variety of materials and textures are something for everyone!

How to choose the best wall covering and kitchen fronts?

A great revolution in your kitchen: splashbacks and kitchen fronts are absolutely trendy, and allow us to achieve the ideal kitchen, with ideas and a multitude of possible combinations.

The splashback is installed on the wall between the kitchen worktop and the wall units and fulfills two main functions: It protects the wall from the inevitable splashes of water, grease, sauce and smoke, close to the hob and sink. In addition, it decorates the kitchen wonderfully, defining the style of the space.
However, subjected to high temperatures and shocks, it is essential that a splashback is resistant and solid.

Among the materials that can be used:

-Ceramic: eternally trendy, in addition to being easy to clean, it is resistant to heat and humidity.

-Glass: for more light and sparkle in your kitchen, ideal for kitchens that require a greater feeling of space and light.

– Stainless steel: for kitchens with an industrial look, it is an extremely practical and easy to clean material.

– Wood or wood look: it’s a timeless one! Adapts to all styles, rustic as well as modern, and gives a soft, reassuring and comfortable atmosphere.

As for the facades, in laminate or melamine, it is a story of personal choice and they are appreciated for the many variations they offer in the wide choice of colors. They can have a smooth or structured finish for more realism, a sober mat aspect, but so chic, a shiny aspect imitating lacquer, or grooves reproducing wood, etc.
The handles too, must be chosen with care, linear, curved or buttons, practicality is not incompatible with aesthetics!

To answer everyone’s questions about the choice of splashback and kitchen fronts, the Cuisine Plus brand has produced a rather practical guide.

Wall accessories: not just details!

To get the most out of your kitchen, call on your creative and practical side. A beautiful kitchen, worthy of the name, also means making life easy and having all the utensils and accessories you need available.

Here are some ideas to enhance your kitchen:

-Your kitchen will be really modern and design, but at the same time practical, with a backlit splash bar, which will highlight your pot set for example.

-If you’re tired of wasting time searching the kitchen for the utensils you need every day for cooking, consider shelves, baskets, utensil holders and the must-have spice rack.

-Do not neglect the electrical outlets or the number, for small appliances … A functional kitchen has all the equipment we need: coffee machine, food processor, blender, etc.
They should therefore be wall mounted for ease.

It is high time to indulge yourself with the cuisine of your dreams. This is where we like to cook as a family, bring up important topics and solve them or make plans for the future, over coffee.
In a clean, comfortable and warm space, enjoy these precious moments of life!

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