• May 22, 2022

Spa or hammam, a place dedicated to well-being

Taking time for yourself, letting go and relaxing, it’s like a parenthesis suspended between active life and one where you let yourself go for a while. But well-being also goes through the body care that we give ourselves.

And for that, what could be better than a spa, hammam or make-up session in a magical place where everything is ready to pamper you? Look no further, this place exists and is waiting for you. Quickly enter a world where everything is a pleasure for the senses.

The spa to enjoy all the benefits of water

Water has always been recognized as being good for your health. All the more so when you enjoy it serenely in a spacious and ultra sophisticated place . Scents, relaxing music and adapted lights, everything has been subtly designed in this Lille spa to soothe your tensions or stress.

Plus, you can even consider privatizing it if you want some privacy. Various treatments and additional equipment are also at your disposal (such as the Balneotherapy, the Sauna or the flotation mattress ) in order to feel even more comfortable with your body.

The hammam to recharge your batteries and relax

And if you opt for the Hammam , each element of the decor is not only an invitation to an enchanting journey, but also a pure moment of relaxation.

Indeed, doing a hammam session in a beauty salon is both relaxing the muscles, but also cleaning the skin. In other words, a very pleasant way to eliminate toxins from the body overloaded by stress or intense physical exertion. Nothing better, therefore, to regain your fitness and feel good about yourself!

Natural semi-permanent makeup

In addition, if you are tired of having to put on makeup every day, an effective solution may be offered to you. This is semi-permanent makeup that will restore harmony to your face and give you lasting beauty. And if you are unsure of your choices, an experienced esthetician will be able to advise you better than anyone. It’s up to you to take the plunge!

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