• May 22, 2022

Solutions to help you navigate a city you don’t know

A move and a new environment require some adaptation time. Despite the excitement of this new start, you can’t wait to take possession of your new living environment, to discover every nook and cranny. Find out the tips that will help you find yourself in a city you don’t know.

Use a search engine to find stores in France

Obviously, a search engine is the first ally to find the right addresses. After a complicated move, you can’t wait to discover your new city. So why not start with the stores closest to you? By going to the au-magasin.fr site, you will be informed of opening hours, access maps and customer opinions on the businesses in your host city. Better yet, view the map and activate filter mode to find stores that may be of interest to you. The choice is extremely wide between computer stores, furniture stores, decoration stores or even clothing stores.

Use specialized applications

Rather than staying alone at home, reading books or watching television, set out to conquer your new city. Go to the liveliest districts and soak up the atmosphere that reigns there. In this regard, geolocation applications will be very useful to you. They make it possible to determine the location of shops , cinemas, cafes or even hospitals. This is an essential tool for people who have just moved. It only takes a few clicks to install the most relevant applications on your tablet or smartphone.

media know solutions - Solutions to help you navigate your way in a city you don't know

Consult the public transport guide

Besides search engines and apps, the guide to public transport could very well come in handy in a new city. Very practical, it optimizes travel. You will know everything about the bus timetables, the various metro and tram stations. In short, it is quite possible to do without a car. Taking public transport makes everyday life easier. So you won’t need to find a parking space every time you go shopping, have tea on a café terrace or go to the movies.

Bet on the open attitude

It is not always easy to find yourself in a new city. Rather than moping around, why not take the open attitude? What is it about? It’s a very simple concept that involves going out and taking it upon yourself. Go to the others. For some, the open attitude happens very naturally. For others, it is worth making an effort.

Start by forming friendly bonds with your neighbors. Invite them for a drink at aperitif time and take part in the “buildings in celebration”. There is nothing better for spotting the best deals in your new city.

Register on an associative network

If you’ve just moved and you don’t know anyone, consider registering with your city’s community network. It will be an opportunity to meet people and share the best addresses. Start by signing up for a gym with a closer focus on small groups. Share a drink or go to the movies with your jogging partner. It makes sense to find out about the most popular activities. Meet in the garage sales, participate in the open days of workshops …

Dare to use dating apps

Even if you are not looking for a soul mate, dating apps will allow you to make new friends. In particular, they could give you the best addresses and inform you about the habits of local residents. Note that it is quite possible to turn a date into an opportunity for friendship.

In the absence of dating applications, go and sit on the terrace of a cafe. Very subtly, strike up a conversation with the person at the next table. It is in any case a fast and efficient way to make friends.

Keep in touch with the family

Even if many kilometers separate you from your family, maintain contact with those close to you . Best of all, family members can help you settle in. Take the opportunity to discover your new city together. It will be an opportunity to share good times. Anyway is good not to feel alone in a new city.

know solutions - Solutions to help you find your way around a city you don't know

Join religious groups

If you are a believer, joining religious groups can help you find your feet. Connect with people who share the same faith as you . Take part in activities, conferences or evening prayers. Some religious groups even volunteer with the needy and the elderly. You will also be able to make great encounters there.

Join a culture club

If you’ve just moved and don’t know anyone, consider joining a book club in your new town. Again, this will be an opportunity to bond with people who share the same passion as you. In addition to discussing French novels, take the opportunity to learn more about the most trendy places.

Besides book clubs, you are spoiled for choice among the different arts: theater, opera, cinema. Otherwise, go to the bars where travel enthusiasts meet. Take advantage of your visit to make friends and to arrange a little tour of the city. There is nothing better to discover a new living environment.


For some, volunteering is a way of life. If you are one of the altruistic people, go to the associations which will be delighted to welcome you. In particular, you can join the ranks of a scout club. In addition to discovering the city, you will forge friendships with other volunteers. It’s a way like any other to find yourself in a city you don’t know.

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