• May 22, 2022

Professionals: make the right choice for your cold room!

With heat, the cold chain can be broken very easily. You buy your frozen foods in a mall, there is enough time to get home for them to thaw. You also know that it is impossible to freeze these products again since they can have a huge impact on your health. It is then preferable to buy a good negative cold room, namely a freezer. This applies to individuals, but also to professionals who can find what they are looking for on the.

What are the characteristics of a negative cold room?

Professionals have sanitary standards to respect so that foodstuffs are stored in the best conditions. When it is negative, you have a temperature lower than zero voluntarily. It allows you to keep all frozen foods, but also ice cream or leftovers you want to keep.

  • On the other hand, you must look at several criteria for the choice to be the most relevant such as capacity.
  • While individuals sometimes need a volume of up to 100 liters, other professionals have much higher expectations.
  • The storage capacity will then be one of the most important criteria for this research to be effective.

You can buy a negative cold room from a professional or arrange the space to build it. In this case, the right materials must be used to be sure that the foodstuffs are perfectly stored. The shelves are not useless in order to arrange the products according to their status. The compact bedroom will be ideal for small spaces while the modular version will be recommended for restaurants.

If you are a professional able to move, know that there are other cold rooms such as those mounted on a trailer or inflatable.

5 steps are necessary for the operation of a cold room

In order for a negative cold room to freeze your food, you have 5 steps that must be performed. They concern the compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator and dehydrator. Each time, you have a specific role that allows you to reach this temperature below zero degrees. The cold rooms for professionals are ultimately identical to those installed in French homes. Finding the right place for your freezer is advisable, and many people tend to install it in the cellar.

The environment is quite cool, this avoids overconsumption. When the freezer is in the kitchen when the ambient temperature is 30 degrees, it takes more consumption to go below zero degrees. You should also check that your appliance is working properly on a fairly regular basis, as a failure can be dramatic for the preservation of food.

Generally, professional devices can maintain such a cold temperature for several hours even if a power outage occurs. Do not hesitate to contact an expert for the purchase of such a product, because the parameters are sometimes different from one reference to another. A cold room may offer a temperature of -18 degrees, but others are set to -30 degrees. You must therefore clearly identify your needs before considering the purchase of a negative cold room.

A simple quote to find the best cold room

If you are a restaurateur, at the head of a small grocery store or an individual who wishes to equip his house, know that the estimate will be essential. The budget can be very different depending on the references, because while some are affordable, other references can be displayed for more than 1000 euros. The quote is practical, it allows you to compare all the references on the market, so you can focus on the competition in a few seconds.

You share your profile and the professional will be able to offer you the best reference so that your frozen foods are perfectly preserved.

  • In certain cases, freezers intended for individuals are not suitable, it is then necessary to consider a small cold room for the foodstuffs to be stored.
  • This is often true for large families with high needs.
  • You now know that the quality of conservation depends above all on the purchase of a relevant product adapted to your expectations, but also to the configuration of the premises.

Do not hesitate to contact this professional who will meet your expectations whether it is for the purchase of a positive or negative cold room.

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