• May 22, 2022

How women got kicked out of the wine world

Sandrine Goeyvaerts analyzes in her “Manifesto for an inclusive wine” the way in which women have been excluded from winemaking, then from enology.

WOMEN – Wine began as a story of hard-working women, squeezed out in favor of men. This is the postulate of the author Sandrine Goeyvarts in her “Manifesto for an inclusive wine”, released in September by Nouriturfu editions.

The Belgian wine merchant and journalist defends another idea of wine, less elitist and more open to women. To do this, she looks back on the history of the elixir and tells HuffPost how wine went from low-level female labor to prestigious male craftsmanship.

“Do not take the word of the philosophers”

“Since Antiquity,” explains Sandrine Goeyvarts, “women have been actively working in winemaking, which is a nobler process than working in the vineyard. But they were gradually removed from this sector. ”

Plato, in his Discourse, advised women not to drink. The philosopher would have associated work with wine and drunkenness. However, at the time, drunkenness was perceived as a danger, because it allowed the liberation of speech. “A woman who speaks,” adds the author, “that is not desirable because only male philosophers are entitled to express themselves in public. So the consumption of wine is restricted to prevent women from speaking out to philosophers. ”

Add to this the fear of “unbridled” sexuality. “Drunkenness is perceived as a danger for women,” says the journalist, “also because it generates uninhibited behavior, with sexual pranks and gives rise to those around them the ultimate fear of bringing a ‘bastard’ home. This rhetoric is deeply rooted in the imagination and endures: women must remain sober to avoid ‘deviant’ behavior and men are invited to drink to show their strength and virility. ”

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