• May 22, 2022

Even works councils dress up as Santa Claus

When the end of the year holidays approach, parents are not the only ones preparing for this very important time. Works councils also take orders in order to offer toys worthy of the name to all employees.

Works councils bend over Backwards to select Christmas toys

You might want to check with your company, as they probably have a works council. He has the heavy task of preparing for Christmas with, in particular, a very beautiful catalog of toys. You can view it at your leisure to discover products that may interest your children. All ages are offered, which turns out to be particularly attractive for parents of babies or teenagers. They thus have recourse to service providers, they have the necessary capacities to distribute this large catalog.

Ordering gifts on the web is a real good plan

A few weeks later, the Works Council (Works Council) organizes a Christmas tree within the company where all the children of the employees are invited to join in the fun. They can thus open their gifts and discover the Djeco card games ordered several weeks previously. It is a particularly innovative and attractive concept for the parents’ wallet. They can acquire products at a lower cost that are likely to meet all expectations after only having drawn from a catalog. So you will not have suffered the crowd that continues to grow over the weeks. It is in calm, joy and good humor that you will have selected the presents.

Even employees can receive some rewards at the end of the year

It should be noted that corporate gifts have experienced unprecedented success in the past few years in the toy industry. Therefore, a large brand has decided to sign a partnership with suppliers to meet the requirements of all CE. The primary objective is to provide these as gifts, but communities are also a privileged target not to be overlooked. Children are not the only ones to receive a toy during this period, as employees are also rewarded according to their performance obtained during the past year. Gifts can take many forms: travel, voucher, etc.

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