• May 22, 2022

Dare to explore the catacombs of Paris

Did you know that the Parisian basement is a real anthill? You probably know that there are many underground galleries deep down, however these are not the only galleries that have the foundations of the city. Indeed, in addition to the many old limestone quarries, nearly 1,800 m of galleries wander in the depths of Paris, in which lie the bones of around 6 million people! Focus on the visit to the catacombs of Paris .

Dare to descend into the catacombs

You will admit that it is quite stressful to find yourself underground with millions of human bones. But now, it’s part of Parisian heritage and it can be visited in the same way as the Eiffel Tower. Mysterious and intriguing, the catacombs of Paris have already inspired many authors and poets. They find their origins in the old limestone quarries of Paris which, for health reasons (closure of Parisian cemeteries and the impossibility of extending those remaining open), have been transformed into ossuaries.

Today, the catacombs are a veritable museum with around 300,000 visitors each year. They are a truly unique site, not only in Paris but also in our modern world, which explains why they are the fourth most visited museum in the capital. The visit to the catacombs lasts on average 45 minutes, which is the minimum time to cross the 11,000 m² of surface area of ​​the ossuary.

The catacombs of Paris in a few figures

20 meters: this is the depth of the Catacombs, equivalent to a 5-storey building

213: the number of steps to access the site (130 at the entrance and 83 at the exit)

2 kilometers: the length of the visit route

45 minutes: the average time of the visit

14 °: the constant temperature of the Catacombs

11,000 m2: the area of ​​the ossuary

800 meters: the length of the galleries of the ossuary.

Finally 1: you, the next visitor to the very famous catacombs of Paris …

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